Rebecca Beiter // Moderation

Rebecca is a freelance moderator and works full-time as Cyber Valley Public Engagement Manager for Artificial Intelligence. She is therefore interested in communicating scientific findings, but also in the constructive and critical dialogue between science and society. As a former advisor to the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg, she wants to support citizens in recognising their own interests and show them options on how to represent them.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

I am motivated by the fact that despite the urgency of the issue, so many people on the ground and in Europe are working together with positive energy and joy to advance climate protection and find solutions.

How do you feel being part of the transformation?

Sometimes it's not easy not to lose hope and motivation in the face of all the urgency based on scientific facts. Therefore, I am happy to gain new motivation at the Summit. In my everyday life, I am also challenged by the balancing act between what I can do as an individual for climate protection and what politics should shape and prescribe.

Transformation (made) in Europe... a task, especially in the area of climate protection, whose implementation we can all help to shape on the ground in our communities. We can all make a difference! 

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Foto © Rebecca Beiter

Michael Bloss

Michael Bloss // MdEP

Keynote: Where does Europe stand in climate protection?

Panel discussion: What's the Deal? Climate protection in practice

Michael Bloss has been an MEP for Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN since 2019. He is originally from Stuttgart and is mainly concerned with climate, energy and industrial policy.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

"Europe can and must be a pioneer of the socio-ecological transformation. This is the only way we can leave a liveable planet for the younger generations and a society in which the gap between rich and poor closes instead of widening. And economically speaking, it is also worthwhile to help shape the transformation!"

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Foto © Florian Freundt

Mouna Bouafina

Mouna Bouafina // Artist

Artspace: Connect for Change

I love design, people and nature. That's why I combine all of these in my work as a communication designer and youth creative coach. I want to bring the joy of discovery and design out into the world and be a positive, inner voice for young people that encourages them and gives them courage.

What motivates you?

The vision of a peaceful coexistence in which humanity is the top priority - that's what drives me.

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Niccolò Delporto

Niccolò Delporto // Lombardy

Workshop: European Connection in Climate Protection

Niccolò is a passionate Earth Advocate from Italy, in the 2nd year of the LL.M. in “Law and Sustainable Development” – curriculum in environmental law and policy - at the University of Milan. He previously graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Trieste.
He is currently working for Earth Advocacy Youth, an international for-impact action group, together with an amazing team of young professionals in Earth Jurisprudence. They seek to promote an earth-conscious narrative by analyzing the implications of the impact of unsustainable anthropogenic activities on the Earth system and the solutions of its consequences under a legal, ecocentric perspective.
He proudly sits on the Executive Board of MSOI – United Nations Youth Association of Italy, through which he passionately promotes international cooperation and the 2030 Agenda. He is also part of the Corps Saint Lazarus International - Italy, an NGO focalized on civil protection and disaster risk reduction.

Transformation (made) in Europe... a necessity if we want to balance human needs with the ecosystem’s wellbeing. Indeed, a paradigm shift is needed not only to meet the climate commitments set at the EU level but also to move further, by guaranteeing a more decent existence to the community of life, including the future generations.
In this sense, the EU has a crucial role and an imperative responsibility to lead the way towards the application of concrete Earth-centered solutions in its jurisprudence and practice.

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Foto: © Niccolò Delporto (EAY)

Laura DeVries // EU Climate Pact Ambassador from the Netherlands

Workshop: How do you do? Exchange and discussion with European Climate Pact Ambassadors 

Laura is a Euopean Climate Pact Ambassador and Climate Ambassador of the Future for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. She is also the vice chairwoman and boardmember government & politics for the Dutch Youth Climate Movement.

Why are you an EU Climate Pact Ambassador and what does that emcompass?

I have a deep desire to make the world a better place, that is why I commit myself to making sure that we keep global warming under 1.5 degrees Celsius. As a Eruopean Climate Pact Ambassador I can reach out to other Climate Pact Ambassadors to work together and increase the reach of my projects. As a climate pact ambassador I focus on an inclusive and just transition as well as youth participation at the European Commision.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

I have a deep desire to make the world a better place. Climate changes affects so much  and has many consequences. We simply cannot afford to look away. We must make sure that together we will do enough to avoid a point of no return. We must keep global warming under 1.5 degrees Celsius and I am convinced that we can.

How do you feel being part of the transformation?

I find it extremely important and satisfying that I can put my time and energy in helping people living now and later, on the other hand it is also very sad that we as young people have to deal with such a big problem.

Transformation (made) in Europe... crucial to because as an industrialized continent that has emitted a lot of greenhouse gases, we also have a responsibility to stop the damage that has been done. Europe's ambitious commitment could also ensure that other continents set themselves ambitious goals.

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Bruno Diotallevy // EU Climate Pact Ambassador from Portugal

Workshop: How do you do? Exchange and discussion with European Climate Pact Ambassadors 

Bruno Lisboa and João Kraeski are entrepreneurs of good. With Livre Para and as EU Climate Pact Ambassadors they create social good impact events and digital content that shares paths of conscious consumption, reflections on self-knowledge and social innovations in Lisbon, Portugal. They are a LGBTQIA+ voice in the green community, with a mix of social good business, communication, marketing and artistic production. At Livre Para’s events and communication platforms, they want to give voice and space to new ideas and visions that share positive and sustainability values, thus connecting and creating a great network of good!

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Celine Fabrequette

Celine Fabrequette // EU Climate Pact Ambassador from Belgium

Workshop: How do you do? Exchange and discussion with European Climate Pact Ambassadors 

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

I'm part of it because I believe that social justice is environmental justice. what motivates me are people, more specifically people from minorities and migrant backgrounds, people with disabilities, people from community-led initiatives. I believe that a real and just transformation cannot be done without them.

How do you feel being part of the transformation?

I feel lucky and honored because not everybody gets the opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard on how the transformation should be done. So being able to bring forwards the ideas and solutions of grassroots communities, is very important to me.

Transformation (made) in Europe is... progress, there is a need to take an intersectionality approach in order to ensure that it is fit for everyone and leave no one behind.

Website ECOLISE #DiasporaVote! | LinkedIn ECOLISE | Instagram #DiasporaVote! | Facebook ECOLISE #DiasporaVote! | Twitter ECOLISE #DiasporaVote!

Photo © Celine Fabrequette

Robert Gampfer // Referee at the Representation of the European Commission in Germany

Panel Discussion: (We) Make Change Happen

Robert Gampfer is a political scientist and economist. During his PhD, he researched international climate policy and how to increase voter support for it. In the policy team of the EU Commission Representation in Berlin, he is responsible for environment, climate, energy, agriculture and health.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

Part of my job is to explain our European plans for transformation to governments, organisations and citizens every day and to convince them to be part of it. I am motivated by the fact that more and more people and organisations are supporting this project with good ideas and deeds.

Transformation (made) in Europe is...

...ambitious and fair, a project involving the whole of society, and an encouraging example for the rest of the world.

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Mara Grimminger

Mara Grimminger // Team Europe

Workshop: How do you do? Exchange and discussion with European Climate Pact Ambassadors
Workshop: DIY Transformation - Action space university

Mara Grimminger is 22 years young, a student in the Franco-German double Master of Political Science, in the Franco-Spanish Master of European Governance and has completed additional studies in Sustainable Development. She did an internship at the Europe Direct Information Centre in Munich and was the chairperson of the Young European Federalists (JEF) Bavaria, as well as the JEF Munich. In numerous lectures, discussions and regulars' tables, she deals with the "European Green Deal" or environmental and climate policy, the political/European participation of young people and gender policy. Due to her trinational studies, she can also speak about stays abroad, interculturality and Franco-German relations.
She is a member of the speaker pool Team EUROPE DIRECT of the European Commission.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

It is part of my everyday life to deal with politics, other people - from other cultures - and current challenges and I clearly see in my life what a difference it makes to act and become active together instead of remaining alone or inactive. I am motivated by my close environment, my personal experiences, but also by the fact that more and more people are getting involved.

Transformation (made) in Europe is...

...indispensable and inevitable.

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Ann-Sophie Henne // nachhaltig.kritisch

Panel Discussion: (We) Make Change Happen

Annsi is a freelance journalist, social media editor and co-founder of the journalistic project nachhaltig.kritisch. Her focus is on sustainability and social justice, but she is also interested in culture, music and educational topics. She is currently working on a book project, among other things, and is in the process of founding a media policy association.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

Information and facts are, at best, the basis for our decisions. I want as many people as possible to get the facts about the climate so that they can then make a decision themselves.

Transformation (made) in Europe is...

...important because we can only really change something on a European and, in the next step, on a global level.

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Photo © Annika LeLarge

Tamar Jangulashvili // EU Climate Pact Ambassador from Georgia

Workshop: How do you do? Exchange and discussion with European Climate Pact Ambassadors

Tamar is a PhD candidate in Business Administration. She wants to emphasize the importance of community development and education in mitigation and adaptation of climate changes, how young people can be focal points and participate in decision making process in their local governments. In the workshop, she will talk about green cities and local governments, challenges and potential solutions, how nature-based solutions (NBS) can be seen as an opportunity to make changes at local level and change the mode of decision making.

Why are you an EU Climate Pact Ambassador and what does that emcompass?

My role is to raise awareness of people in global warming and climate change, mitigation and adaptation solutions. To reach out local communities, local businesses and local NGOs/CSOs who are not yet involved in climate action and inform and empower them to change their attitudes and behaviors to support them in mitigation and adaptation of climate change within their communities, networks and activities and actions. My role is to lead by example in climate action and in environmental protection and become a bridge between civil society, interested stakeholders and the European Commission.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

To deliver value to young people to empower them to make key changes in their community and encourage them to take specific steps to transform their mindset and skillset and find creative and innovative ways to reduce global warming and combat climate change at local level.

Transformation (made) in Europe... considered to positively impact on initiatives and incentives proposed by people who care to be engaged in the process of making an impact when it comes to social and environmental matters.

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Torsten Kallweit // CTO, Bosch Climate Solutions GmbH 

Panel discussion: What's the Deal? Climate protection in practice

Torsten Kallweit is Technical Director of Bosch Climate Solutions GmbH and Head of the Corporate Department Sustainability and EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) at Robert Bosch GmbH. Robert Bosch GmbH is a member of the WIN Initiative Circle, a Baden-Württemberg based body that promotes sustainable business practices. 

"Climate protection by companies is possible - Bosch has proven this with the CO2-neutral position of its more than 400 locations worldwide in 2020."

WIN-Initiativkreis I Website

Foto © Robert Bosch GmbH

Emma Kohler // Klimadelegation e.V.

Panel discussion: What's the Deal? Climate protection in practice

Emma is a student and climate activist. At the Climate Delegation, she tries to advance and educate climate justice on an international level. The Climate Delegation wants to bring young voices into the UN and EU negotiations.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

I am part of the transformation because it is about our future. We are the first generation to be affected by the stark consequences of the climate crisis. At the same time, we are the last to be able to fight it. But people in the Global South are already seeing what we will only see years from now. We are all in the same storm, not in the same boat.

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David Kopp // Student Council University Stuttgart

Workshop: DIY transformation – action space university

As a full-time software developer, David decided about 4 years ago to do another Master's degree at the University of Stuttgart. Now he is already in his 8th Master's semester. Why? He identified the university as a space for action for transformation, continued his interdisciplinary education and became actively involved in university politics and student sustainability engagement. His interests lie primarily in the areas of sustainable digitalisation and sustainable, plant-based nutrition.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

A social-ecological transformation is urgently needed! With our current way of life and the way we do business, we are already destroying the livelihoods of millions of people. That's why I'm committed to a transformation - as a student in my immediate environment - at my university.

How do you feel being part of the transformation?

As a matter of course. The challenges are great, so I want to make at least a small contribution to overcoming them.

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Foto © Florian Beier von Marek & Beier Fotografen (

Tine Langkamp //

Workshop: Sustainable Finance - Using the power of people and finance for more climate protection #DefundClimateChaos

Tine Langkamp has been active in various social movements since 2009 - for educational justice, global freedom of movement, the right to the city and climate justice. She has been working as an organiser and campaigner for the climate protection organisation in Germany since 2014, where she works on movement building, divestment and the connection between climate and social justice.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

For many years I have been helping to empower people to take action themselves and start their own campaigns for change towards a social-ecological world or to join the important protests against the fossil fuel industry and a "business as usual". I am motivated on the one hand by the joy of collective action and seeing how people rise above themselves and take change into their own hands, and on the other hand by the fear of the increasingly blatant consequences of climate change and the threat of destabilisation of entire societies.

Transformation (made) in Europe is...

...not yet thought through comprehensively enough and in a socially just way and still puts growth and the profits of a few above the well-being of people and the planet.

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Johanna Nocke and Fabian Stuhlinger // WandelHandel Stuttgart

Workshop: How sustainable is the economy of the future? Wandel.Handel - Ideas on how to move from thinking to acting together.

Johanna and Fabian are initiators of the consumer initiative Wandel.Handel in Stuttgart-Ost, who, together with many members, have created a place/space of opportunity that makes a sustainable lifestyle possible in an uncomplicated way.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

We want to actively drive transformation because we don't have time to wait for others to do it. This urgency and the need to be able to say in front of ourselves that we have given everything we could motivate us every day. Our actions have made it visible in the neighbourhood that we are not alone in this desire. Being embedded and integrated into society in this way is a great enrichment for us.


Melis Ntente

Melis Ntente // Poetry Slammerin

Melis studies online journalism at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, she is 22 years old, a poet and a poetry slammer with the Muslim artists' collective "i,Slam".

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

I am motivated to participate because change only works together. Climate change should be the number one issue that is permanently dealt with. And I like to draw attention to social issues through art.

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David Pagan

David Pagan // Musician

Art Action: Now. The Sound of Your Environment, Now.

Composer and sound artist. I like the friction between recorded and live, between digital and analogue, between technology and reality, truth and artificiality.


Theresa Pollinger // Initiative Bürger*innenrat Klima Stuttgart

Panel discussion: (We) Make Change Happen

Theresa is an engineer, computer scientist, research assistant, mother, expert and active in local politics, for example as co-initiator of the initiative Bürger*innenrat Klima Stuttgart.
Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you? 

Despair is not an alternative - activism is!

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Foto © CC-BY-NC-SA

Marc Ringel

Prof. Dr. Marc Ringel // EU Climate Pact Ambassador

Input: The European Green Deal: Goals and Measures
Panel discussion: What's the Deal? Climate protection in practice
Workshop: How do you do? Exchange and discussion with European Climate Pact Ambassadors 

Marc Ringel is professor for energy economics and environmental economics at the University of Applied Sciences (HfWU) in  Nürtingen Geislingen and guest lecturer at the Université Aix-en-Provence/Marseille. Currently research fellow at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). Ambassador for the EU Climate Pact since 2021. 

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you? 

From my point of view, it is important to shape the future. This includes actively developing opportunities for ourselves and future generations and not just reacting to events. Climate protection and energy in particular are very exciting topics, as they also address problems in many other areas: For example, global distributive justice, poverty, education and innovation. 

How do you feel being part of the transformation? 

Due to the many building sites of the transformation, it is very exciting to begin with. In fact, hardly a week goes by without learning something new or having discussions about possible developments. However, since the transformation is a long-term project with a lot of resistance that is anything but easy, the day-to-day business can be tough and sometimes frustrating. But this never lasts long, so the positive feeling of being able to help shape things prevails.

Please complete the sentence: Transformation (made) in Europe is... 

...a long-term project with many exciting topics, so it never gets boring.

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Tobias Rosenberger // Jugendbeirat und Co-Moderation

Margaux Savin and Nina Oerter // European project Mindchangers: Regions and Youth for Planet and People / SEZ

Workshop: How can we take action on climate change locally, in the EU and internationally? Examples from the European project Mindchangers

Margaux is the coordinator and Nina the communication officer for the EU project Mindchangers at the Foundation for Development and Cooperation Baden-Württemberg (Stiftung Entwicklungs- Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg SEZ)

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

We want to contribute to sustainable positive change and ensure all of us a bright future, in which people and their environment are treated with respect.

How do you feel being part of the transformation?

In the Mindchangers community, we experience how many people are engaged towards global justice and sustaunability. It gives us so much energy!

Please complete the sentence: Transformation (made) in Europe... collaboration, courage and co-creation.

Website | Instagram @mindchangers_bw @mindchangers_project

Hendrik Schuldt

Hendrik Schuldt // Compensators e.V.

Panel Discussion: (We) Make Change Happen

Hendrik has been involved with Compensators since 2017 and has been part of the board since 2019. He studied environmental sciences and economics and then worked in development cooperation. Hendrik is now a research associate at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and is working on his dissertation on the topic of financial markets and climate change.

Transformation (made) in Europe is...

...still far too hesitant and in Europe has not really taken off yet.



Linus Steinmetz // Fridays for Future

Podiumsdiskussion: (We) Make Change Happen


Thekla Walker

Thekla Walker // Minister of the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector of the State of Baden-Württemberg

Panel Discussion: What's the Deal? Climate protection in practice

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Foto © Umweltministerium/Regenscheit

Jan Weiss

Jan Weiss // foodsharing Stuttgart

Jan is an ambassador for foodsharing Stuttgart: This includes organising foodsharing issues in Stuttgart and therefor everything from pick-ups and cooperations to politics and public relations to building up fair sharers. He is a computer scientist by profession and does a lot of sports.

Why are you part of the transformation? What motivates you?

About 30% of all produced food is thrown away instead of being eaten - with fair trade, education and public relations we can make a difference: socially and ecologically!

Transformation (made) in Europe is... 

...a start to make it also globally.